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The home of Fat Loss Specialists

The home of Fat Loss Specialists

The home of Fat Loss SpecialistsThe home of Fat Loss Specialists

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 Great support in all ways possible, couldn’t have asked for a better PT who has tailored a great plan for me. I’ve enjoyed working with him and you will definitely enjoy it too. 

 I’ve really enjoyed my PT sessions with Ish. He’s a fantastic PT- always willing to help and extremely knowledgable in his field. I really appreciate that he makes his clients focus on an all round approach - ie - diet as well as exercise. Thank you for making me stronger, especially lifting heavy weights which I initially thought id never be able to do. Outdoor sessions have also been amazing! 

I would highly recommend Ish. He's shown me what I need to do to get to my goals. He's friendly, approachable and knowledgeable about fitness and wellbeing . 

 He makes the sessions fun, despite them being difficult. 

 I started my sessions with an injury and not much experience with the kinds of exercises needed to achieve my goals, Ish did a great job adjusting and planning our sessions to suit that. That continued as my injury began to heal and my sessions could change too. I am definitely more toned and strong now than when we started, still room for improvement but on the right track thanks to his advice and guidance. 

 Ishmael incorporated activities which I enjoyed, for e.g. football/American football, into workouts.

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 Over the past year I've seen IMFitnessLtd grow and transition. I've also seen my dedication to my fitness Goal completely transform as I genuinely don't like to exercise but I thoroughly enjoy eating which is an interesting mix. IMFitness has motivated me outside and inside sessions to the point where I now trust Ish for more than fitness and wellbeing goals. Ish goes that 'extra mile' and would be considered more than a PT but a friend. Thanks Ish for changing my life to a healthier and happier one! 

  I am glad to had the opportunity to be trained by the personal trainer Ishmael who was flexible and professional. I hope to start as soon as possible the personal training session again. 

 Initially really nervous but have actually been really enjoying my PT sessions to the point where I look forward to them! Would have booked more sessions if i had the time. Started off as an absolute novice at running and now not too far off my 5k target which is amazing! 

 Really enjoyed the sessions with Ishmaël. He's good and knowledgeable trainer. Very passionate about what he does and it shows through his work.  I highly recommend him 

 I think it’s very motivational and challenging while doing the exercises which is very impressive as that’s what all we need. 

 The trainers knowledge and bringing that acrosss during sessions is the best I’ve seen and used. 

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 I was surprised I would be looking forward to each session but I truly feel each session leaves me with a “job well done feeling “.Sessions are some at a time and venue that’s hits me .My sessions are very exciting and fun .I have learned so much and my fitness level and posture have greatly improved .Thanks Ishmael 

 The training was great and really helped me get into fitness. The trainer was really helpful and made me give my best at all times. 

 The sessions were very enjoyable and fun and i would recommend them to anyone who is trying to keep fit